Raiden is thunder god, who uses his thunder as powers and he also has Torpedo attack which speaks gibberish. Later after Raiden kills Ermac, Raiden finds Shang Tsung: However, Shang Tsung was morphed into Johnny Cage. Raiden thought that Johnny Cage was alive but, then Shang Tsung as Johnny Cage kills Raiden with uppercut. Liu Kang screams no but, Raiden's spirit was seen. Shang Tsung steals it and says "YOUR SOUL IS MINE" however, he transforms back into himself and then Liu Kang hits Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung morphs into Kintaro and then, Liu Kang morphs into Dragon and then eats Shang Tsung as Kintaro after eating him Kintaro falls out from his mouth which makes Shang Tsung dead {Shang Tsung was transformed back into himself after dying against Liu Kang}.

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